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Your Processes are Dialed In, But Are Your People?

Proactive Leadership is Key to Recovery

“Unprecedented” is a word we often hear to describe the last year. It will be interesting to see what word or phrase will surpass the number one phrase of 2020, “you’re on mute”? The ongoing stress and trauma caused by the pandemic and high levels of uncertainty are negatively impacting many people. Much of the focus in organizations has been on refining processes. As a result, one of the leading concerns of businesses for 2021 is their employees’ mental health and well-being. It is understandable, given what we have all lived through the last 11 months, making positive and proactive leadership key to recovery.

Why is proactive leadership needed more now?

Even after months of adjusting to the new reality and dealing with the impact on their lives, the American Psychological Association annual Stress Survey shows read more…

How to Build Resilience and Gratitude in 2020

Gratitude is a big topic as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. Because 2020 has been such a topsy-turvy year, gratitude may be a stretch for some. But, there could not be a better time to start to build your resilience and gratitude in 2020.

The many benefits of gratitude include:

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How Is Your Organization Rewarding Behavior At Work?

In a recent interview with General James Mattis, he shared what he learned as a leader in the military. He highlighted the importance of trust, calling it the “coin of the realm” in leadership.  And Mattis also spoke about promoting those who demonstrate the behaviors that an organization needs to be successful. One particular quote caught my attention, “Any organization gets the behavior that it rewards”, according to General Mattis. It immediately made me think about many of the behavior challenges with which organizations are dealing and the importance of rewarding effective behavior at work.

What are the rewards for effective behavior?  read more…

How To Be A Memorable Leader Who Gets Results

Leaders can be memorable in more ways than one and they get to decide what that looks like. So much of leadership is about how he or she influences others. Early in my career, I was fortunate to have a great manager. I didn’t know it at the time because I was just starting my professional career in healthcare. I hadn’t had much experience at that point and was unaware of the importance of good leadership on individuals and organizations.

It was my first medical sales position and I was living in the Midwest. Somehow, I was included in the Western Region and didn’t mind at all having to go to Northern California for regional meetings. Greg was our Regional Manager and read more…

Are You A Leader People Want To Follow?

There are those who say that if being a leader was easy, anyone could do it. It takes commitment, skill and consistency to be a good leader, and a leader people want to follow. Yet, human nature can interfere with and derail a good leader, as well as business and personal relationships. Being a good leader takes a keen awareness to manage the responsibility for your actions, and those of your team or organization. The same can be said for having effective relationships.

What do those derailers look like? read more…

3 Keys For Successful Professional Development

Did you ever start down a path of improving yourself and think, “Oh boy, what am I getting into here?” Did you turn back or did you keep going? Professional and personal development is not for the faint of heart. It is often a winding road with various twists and turns and sometimes even a few U-turns and caution lights. Inevitably, you will come face to face with some things that you may not want to know about yourself, things that are uncomfortable to acknowledge. And yet, the path forward is through that acknowledgment. How do you keep moving forward? Here are three keys  read more…