Resilient organizations and individuals are better equipped to effectively bounce back from adversity, deal with stress, and grow through change.

The current pace of disruptive change has exponentially increased the daily challenges people face, leading many to feel a lack of control over their work and lives. Research shows as many as 60% of Americans do not have high levels of resilience. Resilience is the ability to move forward effectively through adversity.

In October of 2020, 78% of Americans report the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress, according to the 2020 American Psychological Association Annual Stress Survey.[1]

In that same survey, 64% of employed adults reported work as a source of stress. [2] Employees who are working from home face challenges in many areas that lead to job-related stress. Stressors include long work hours, lack of social support, work-family conflict if both partners work from home, remote learning with their kids, and low job control with higher job demands. And another survey shows 76% of U.S. employees reported feeling burnout.

Healthcare and other care-giving professionals have seen increases in compassion fatigue and secondary trauma stress. And those working on job sites have to deal with restrictions, fear of getting sick or being laid off. What do these levels of stress do to resiliency?

People want to be great. Successful leaders find a way to capture people’s desire to be their best, and they encourage and cultivate that desire.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

– Victor Frankl

Why is resilience important?

The business impact of low resilience includes higher burnout and turnover, lower performance, ineffective collaboration and engagement.
Increasing individual and organizational resilience leads to:

  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Work-Related Stress
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Better Physical Health
  • Improved Mental Wellbeing
  • Growth through Disruption

Take back control of your work and life by improving your resilience. Our resiliency consulting, training and coaching provides employers and employees with the know-how and resources to grow through adversity and bounce forward. Contact us to learn more.

Certified Administrator of the TRACOM Group Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency program and assessments.

Sue Kenfield is a certified instructor of the TRACOM Social Style and Versatility Courses
Sue Kenfield is a certified instructor of the TRACOM Social Style and Versatility Courses

[1] Stress in American™ 2020 A National Mental Health Crisis

[2] Stress in American™ 2020 A National Mental Health Crisis

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