Sue, I want to thank you for all you have done to support me and the program during your time with us. Things were pretty bleak for quite some time, and you were a ray of hope that ultimately helped us get back on track to a more stable program. Greatly appreciated, and you will be missed!

 Staff Member

Sue, thank you for stepping up when we needed a great leader! We will miss you.  

 Staff Member

Sue, thank you for your dedicated and responsive service to our program during these most challenging unplanned months. I appreciate your ability to listen and receive information thoughtfully to make effective change. 

 Staff Member

Sue, thank you for navigating us through some pretty murky waters! You have been here through a time of change and challenges and never lost your spirit of grace and compassion. You never let us feel like we were alone. May you be blessed for your time and efforts. 

 Staff Member

Sue, you stepped in during a very difficult time. You were positive, supportive, and very understanding. Your influence will be long lasting. You are amazing.

 Staff Member

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sue during two defining moments of my career. Not only did she help prepare me for these opportunities, she encouraged me to understand my motivations, strengths, and weaknesses so I could influence self-knowledge to transform into the person I am today. Sue’s lessons transcend career, with her unique focus on the whole person she provides a deeper level of self-awareness and actualization that set the stage for ultimate success in any facet of life.

Autymn Rubal – VP JLL

Your presentation at the (FBI) LEEDA conference was excellent! Thank you for speaking to our group.

David Boggs- Past President FBI-LEEDA

Great presentation at the FBI-LEEDA 25th Anniversary Training Conference in Memphis & an honor to introduce you!

Thomas Alber, First Vice President FBI-LEEDA

The work Sue does with Emotional Intelligence is fantastic. It was extremely helpful for me to see it all laid out in a comprehensive report and it increased my awareness of areas of opportunity for me to develop. Sue is excellent at interpreting the results in a very relevant way. She has straight a forward manner that is very easy to work with and is appropriately sensitive working with delicate material. You know she has your best interest at heart. Do yourself a favor and hire her to work with you on your Emotional Intelligence. You will not be disappointed.

JW – Sales Executive

My work with Sue was very helpful. I was able to get clear on my strengths and how to apply them in ways that were incredibly useful. Sue’s insight opened the discussion to directions I had never considered which had a significant impact on my goals. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her help in creating relevant action steps.

JA – Educator

I thought Sue Kenfield was an excellent presenter. I don’t like classroom work, but she made it a more enjoyable experience & one that I could devote attention to & learn something. I thought your program was one of the best I have ever attended.

Leadership Development Workshop Attendee

It helped me assess where I need to improve when things aren’t going well.

NFL Player- Professional Development Workshop

I thought the presentation was Amazing! Very beneficial.

NFL Player- Professional Development Workshop

It was very good, I learned how I can handle myself.

NFL Player- Professional Development Workshop

It was a great course and Sue made it more personal and showed how you could be successful.

NFL Player- Professional Development Workshop

Sue Kenfield was very professional and knowledgeable about her subject matter and it made it easy to learn.

Leadership Development Workshop Attendee

Sue is an outstanding coach. I believe she can help anyone gain clarity and move toward even more success in life. With her coaching I was able to move forward on several issues that I had been stuck on for years. From the very first session I saw results and felt very comfortable with her warm, open, caring approach. With her coaching I was able to determine what was truly important in my life and translate that into specific actions. She was able to hold me to the goals we established and keep me moving forward. I know she can do the same for you as well. She has that uncanny ability to get to the heart of a matter in a tender and caring way. Through her coaching I was able to facilitate change very quickly and positively. I know that working with Sue will provide you with amazing growth experiences and lead to positive change in your life. If you are ready for growth and positive change, then I highly recommend her!


Sue is incredibly perceptive! In our initial consult I was surprised at how quickly she grasped my situation and honed in on how it was impacting me. She is gifted at picking up on subtleties that I was unable to see. It was clear early on that she “got” me and was very skilled at helping me to move forward in the areas I had been stuck. With Sue’s help, I have been able to transform my life and work in very meaningful ways.

EJ – IT Consultant/Project Manager

Sue was an excellent instructor and everyone in the class was engaged and participated frequently. This was a very helpful class.

Sales Team Attendee

Our whole team agreed that Sue was incredible and our best instructor yet!

Sales Team Attendee

Sue, again your wisdom has manifested in this life of mine. I had a great day and wanted to share my happiness with you. Your very important boost was well received, and could not have come at a more appropriate time. I am interested in more of your thoughts; if you put them down in a book form I would buy the first one off the shelf. I’m sure there are more people that would benefit from your experience. Thank you again for your care and concern. I can say that I had been more anxious than I can ever recall and regret all of that wasted energy not being put into positive thoughts. Your input has helped me get back on track to a more positive and fulfilled LIFE. Thanks for being patient with me. You brighten my world and I wanted to thank you. In my opinion you have the world by the tail, hold on tight, you are in for a wonderful ride!

MK – Business Owner

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