And the Good News Is…

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant focus on the negative events happening in the world. If you are like me, you are growing weary of turning on the news today as it can be downright depressing.  Yesterday was a tough one with another bombing, this time in Brussels. Thoughts and prayers to all who were impacted.  And the barrage of election coverage can seem overwhelming.  Despite some of the hideous things going on in the world, there is more good than bad.  And that is why I am choosing to highlight some of the good happening all around that few of us get to hear about.

Paying It Forward

Check out this story about a South Carolina teacher who started The Gentlemen’s Club to teach social skills to dozens of elementary school boys, The lessons these young men are learning include how to dress for success, how to properly shake hands, and how to treat themselves and others with respect.  Over 25 million kids are growing up in single parent homes.  And while behavior standards in our country have fallen to levels that are concerning, this committed soul, Raymond Nelson is doing what he can to make a positive difference in the lives of these young men who are growing up without fathers.

The Value of Connecting

Despite the ongoing national narrative about law enforcement, the majority of police officers continue to serve our communities in more valuable and positive ways than those who tarnish the profession. After responding to a noise complaint about a group of kids playing basketball, a Gainesville, Florida police officer joins them in a pickup game.  More neighborhood kids came to join the fun as the Officer Bobby White shows off his skills.  As the officer leaves he asks if he can bring some backup of his own the next time. True to his word, the next week Officer White shows up with about a dozen more of his fellow officers to play a pickup game with the neighborhood kids. Then his wringer backup player emerges from a vehicle to spice things up, much to the shock of these young people. Check out the brief video of Shaq O’Neal and the Gainesville police officers taking what these kids can dish out.  Imagine the impact this one event had on those young people.


The Legacy of Choices

I was struck by the story of a local woman who made her own positive impact nearly 75 years ago.  While the original event takes place many years ago, the positive result of the courageous choices she and others made then is still paying dividends.  When men left to be part of the WWII effort, women came out en masse to fill in the job gaps left by those men. They came to be known as Rosie the Riveters.  Ruth Johnson Mullis signed up to do her part as a riveter.  After failing riveting school three times she persevered in another role that was more suited to her skills and invented a part that solved a challenge on the assembly line for airplanes used in WWII.  You can hear her story here about how Ruth may have failed at riveting but she went on to find her calling.  In doing so, she impacted the lives of many with her pursuits.

The Good News Is

Each one of these stories shows the good that ONE person initiated to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  None of them were sure how it was going to turn out and I believe that was not what really mattered in the end.  They simply did what they felt compelled to do and what they could do.  That is a capacity that lives within each one of us.

Depending on your faith, this is a week of rebirth with the Easter celebration in 4 days.  And it is officially Spring which is a time of renewal.  I am recommitting myself to focus on the good that happens in this world, which occurs far more frequently than the not so good and I invite you to do the same.  I am fortunate to see it every time I help a team of people, a board of directors or the leaders I work with to make adjustments towards greater fulfillment and success.  I believe in the positive possibilities of each one of us; that is one of the reasons why I have the tagline for my business as See It Thrive!  What good can you do in this season of renewal?

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