Are You Successfully Navigating Interpersonal Rabbit Holes?

How often do you experience behavior in someone else that you cannot understand?  What do you typically do to make sense of that behavior? Part of the human condition is to jump to conclusions based on assumptions about people and that is like diving down a rabbit hole. When that happens, we plunge into murkiness, unclear of where we are heading only to run into a dead end or an alternative reality. As defined by Oxford, “an assumption is a thing that is accepted as true, or certain to happen, without proof.”  These assumptions are often negative as are the attributions ascribed to people regarding their actions and behavior. When we come to believe these assumptions and attributions (more…)

The High Cost of Tension and Drama

Conflict…sometimes the very word can create tension in people.  Conflict in and of itself is not bad.  The negative connotations that are often associated with conflict are a result of how conflict is managed and how it makes us feel.  It tends to be a natural part of human interaction for many reasons.  We each approach situations in unique and different ways.  Understanding that about the people we work and live with can help minimize conflict.

What are the consequences of conflict?  Amazing results can be achieved by having to work through differing opinions of how situations or projects should be approached. (more…)