How To Make A Meaningful Difference And Live Longer

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Are you sensing it? That building feeling of optimism as more aspects of life resume a more normal feel. It depends on where you are looking. Unless you have completely disconnected from the digital world, what you are exposed to daily can be overwhelming and distracting. Sadly, the media machine has figured out that humans have a negativity bias, which means people will tune in more for the bad news. However, that doesn’t have to be your experience. It takes a little more work to find good news, but it is out there. And it is worth looking for positive information if you want to make a meaningful difference and live longer.

Benefits of Being Positive

Research shows an abundance of benefits of being positive. A few of those benefits reveal that positive people are better at:

  • controlling their emotions
  • reducing the negative impacts of stress
  • motivating people
  • having healthier relationships
  • achieving more of their goals
  • and they live longer

What would it be like to have more of the above in your life?  It has been a trying 13 months for many of you. Yet, the events of the past year can be an invitation to approach life differently. Circumstances are temporary, and it is up to you to decide how you will respond to any circumstance. By focusing on the positive, you take the driver’s seat. It is also an essential aspect of developing resilience. Consequently, that can make a big difference.

How can you make a meaningful difference?

Believe in other people. That’s right, believe in other people. Seeing people for what they can be rather than what you think they are is a powerful shift in mindset. As a result, it is an incredibly effective way to make a difference, no matter your role in life. That negativity bias I mentioned earlier can get in the way. This is why being positive is crucial to making a difference. Because when you can see the positive aspects in someone, it brings out the best in them. And you will make a meaningful difference and live longer.

What does that look like in practice?

Here are three tips to get better at believing in people:

  1. Stop “should-ing” on people. Humans are judgmental by nature. If people are not doing what we think they “should” be doing, we reject them. Instead, try giving people the benefit of the doubt. There may be more to the story about why someone shows up the way they do. Get curious and learn more about them to see them more clearly.
  2. Assume good intent. Most people mean well in what they do. That may not always come across in their behavior. Rather than assuming the worst about someone, try to imagine that their intentions are good. Believing in people opens the door to communication and assists them if their approach needs to be adjusted. They are more likely to accept well-intentioned support if they do not feel judged.
  3. Commit to lifting people up by believing in them. Look for ways you can show your belief in people. And look for ways you can help them achieve their goals. Make this a daily practice and be genuine in your approach. Human ability is such that people can accomplish more when they know someone believes in them. Use your positivity to encourage and support someone.

When you combine your positivity and belief in others, you will make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, the world, and your own life, and the bonus is you are likely to live longer. Moreover, if you have ever been on the receiving end of someone believing in you, you know how wonderful that feeling is. Who can you lift up today by believing in them?


Sue Kenfield, CEO of See It Thrive™, is a certified resiliency specialist working with individuals and organizations as a catalyst to maximize their successful COVID recovery. Sue leads transformative initiatives with her clients to build agile and resilient organizations by enhancing human capital, strengthening leadership, increasing talent retention, aligning organizational strategy and culture, thereby improving the bottom line for public and private companies and non-profit entities. She is a highly regarded speaker, consultant, executive coach, and trainer engaged in working with organizations and individuals to unleash the potential in people for more extraordinary individual and organizational success, leading to more fulfillment for all. Contact us to learn more.
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